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Little-Haven is a very small and remote village on the St Brides coastline in West Wales. A holiday in Little Haven is guaranteed to provide one thing; peace and quiet and complete escape from the outside world. No major roads come past the village, but two narrow and twisty lanes provide access, one runs from Broad Haven (the nearest next settlement). Haverfordwest is the nearest town, 7 miles away. The grand total of people living in both Little and Broad Haven is about 1,400 people.

Little-Haven has a very slow and relaxed pace of life. The streets are narrow and meandering meaning that cars are only used when needed, so congestion and car noise are unheard of. Being in Little-Haven is like stepping back in time. A vacation here is ideal for turning phones and TVs off, making the most of nature and enjoying each other’s company.

The focal point of the village is the beach. A small pebble cove when the tide comes in, life on the beach begins as the tide goes out. As it retreats the sand underneath becomes free for walking along, playing games on or throwing a stick around for the dog to chase. When the tide is at its lowest it is possible to walk around the coast to Broad Haven. But always be wary, the tide will always start to come in again. The sea is popular with divers, boaters and kayakers, so in the summer when visitors are at their highest numbers the beach can get crowded, but this all adds to the friendly and cheery atmosphere of the area.

Away from the beach the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path passes right through the heart of the village, providing pushchair and wheelchair friendly access to some beautiful viewpoints so the sea and the surrounding countryside. The Path in either direction provides good walking (or running, or cycling) without to many gradients. Heading south a moderate walk reaches St Brides Haven and a tame north walk approaches a number of small villages. These are simple walks but still spectacular nonetheless.

Here at Stay In Wales we feel that the quality and spirit of the accommodation we provide matches the location in which it can be found. We have a wide selection of hotels, bed and breakfast rooms and self-catering cottages that can offer peace and quiet, luxury and convenience to make holidays in Little-Haven as pleasant as possible.

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